fabrickit is a collection of wearable electronic modules, or “bricks”, that make it easy to construct simple or complex wearable projects.Bricks connect to each other with a flexible, 3-wire conductive fabric ribbon. The fabrickit-bricks-and-ribbon approach streamlines the construction of wearable projects, making them more reliable, attractive and ready-to-wear.

The fabrickit collection includes a removable, rechargeable Coin Cell Battery Brick, x-LED Brick with built-in resistor, and a Snap Connector Brick which makes connections fast and easy.
We are very excited to announce that fabrickit is now available from

We will still be selling snaps and x-LED bricks from our store as well as the amazing conductive ribbon by the yard so you can order one long strand for that body suit you always wanted to build!

... and as always, if you have any suggestions, please write to us at hello@fabrick.it